5 Twitter Changes That Left Platform’s Users Scratching Their Heads

Twitter went through many changes since Elon Musk took over, and having Linda Yaccarino take over as CEO last month didn’t make much difference. Several major changes were made in the past few months, and many of them enraged the users of this social media platform.

Firing Employees

Musk came under fire as soon as he took over Twitter after firing thousands of people in an attempt to make the company more profitable in the face of ongoing financial turmoil.

Twitter Blue

Musk’s biggest and most polarizing innovation was the introduction of Twitter Blue, which allows users to pay for bleu verification thick that was once considered a sign of prestige and credibility.

Reinstating Banned Account

Musk has been very vocal about “free speech” on Twitter before taking over this platform, and he decided to reinstate around 60,000 accounts that were banned for breaking the company’s rules before he took over.

Reading Limit

One of the most recent changes saw Twitter introduce a reading limit, introducing a limited number of tweets that unverified users will be able to read, but Musk claims this change will only be temporary.

Account Requirement

In another head-scratching move, Twitter banned unregistered users from even seeing tweets posted on this platform, but it’s unclear if this is just a glitch or an attempt to get more users to sign up.


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