5 Apps Worth Checking Out When Trying to Learn a New Language

The days when you had to spend countless hours in a classroom to learn a new language are long behind us, thanks to a wide variety of language-learning apps that serve the same purpose. They offer a fun, convenient, and accessible way to master a new language, and these five are a good place to start.


Duolingo needs no special introduction because it’s the world’s leading language-learning app. It offers a wide variety of different languages, and a fun, game-like experience.


Drops is another app that makes language learning fun that you’ll enjoy if you’re a visual learner. It will help you improve your vocabulary through a series of fun, beautifully designed games.


Spaced repetition is a key to learning a new language, and Memrise embraces this approach with open arms. It allows you to practice your speaking skills with pronunciation exercises and features short videos of local speakers.


Busuu is one of the best apps for goal-oriented language learners because it offers interactive lessons tailored to your learning goals and proficiency level.


Babbel is probably the app that comes the closest to an actual foreign language course, and it will help you quickly navigate conversations in a new language.


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