3 Amazing Benefits of Keeping a Workout Journal

There are many tools you can use to stay consistent with your fitness routine, and a workout journal is one of the very best. Keeping a workout journal is a healthy habit that has the power to enrich your fitness journey, and you should give it a shot for more reasons than one.

Tracking Progress

It’s tough to reach your fitness goals when you’re not tracking your progress, and keeping a workout journal can help you there. Write down the details of each workout once you’re done, and use your journal to watch your fitness levels improve over time.

Staying Motivated

A fitness journal is one of the best motivational tools on the market because it will give you another reason to hit the gym. There’s something incredibly satisfying about finishing an amazing workout, getting to write it all down, and having solid proof of how far you’ve come.

Holding Yourself Accountable

Keeping a workout journal is also a great way to keep yourself accountable. It’s a visual reminder of the commitment you’ve made, and it will always be there to help you push yourself. Setting measurable goals in your journal will help you keep yourself accountable and review your progress as time goes by.


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