2024 Met Gala: “The Garden of Time” Theme Inspired Some Great Looks

“The Garden of Time” was chosen as the dress code of this year’s Met Gala, and it’s among the best ones yet. Stars in attendance certainly understood the assignment, and we’ve seen everyone from Zendaya and Gigi Hadid to Tyla and Mindy Kaling put their own twist on this theme.

“Florals for spring” may not be groundbreaking, as we learned from “The Devil Wears Prada”, but they were certainly a great fit for this theme. Zendaya, who co-chaired this year’s ceremony, embraced this trend with open arms, and she was joined by the likes of Demi Moore and Sydney Sweeney.

Cardi B put a subtle twist on the floral trend, wearing a dress reminiscent of a black rose. Janelle Monáe went down the sustainable route and wore a Vera Wang dress featuring shaped flowers made from recycled plastic bottles.

Some of the stars attending this year’s Met Gala took us deep into the woods with their red carpet looks. Lana Del Rey’s look divided the fashion fans, but her veiled Alexander McQueen gown with hand-embroidered thorny vines did a great job evoking the theme, along with Taylor Russell’s Loewe spectacular wood-painted bodice.

Some of the stars in attendance didn’t focus on channeling the garden vibes and decided to play with the concept of time itself. Tyla paired her sandy Balmain gown with an hourglass, while Mindy Kaling’s Gaurav Gupta dress did a great job evoking the sands of time.

Zendaya in Maison Margiela/Givenchy

Gigi Hadid in Thom Browne

Tyla in Balmain

Lana Del Rey in Alexander McQueen

Mindy Kaling in Gaurav Gupta

Cardi B in Windowsen

Janelle Monáe in Vera Wang

Demi Moore & Harris Reed in Harris Reed

Sydney Sweeney in Miu Miu


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