Why You Shouldnt Over-Complicate Guacamole

There are few foods as highly revered in the American diet than a good, old-fashioned, guacamole. Whether you like the chunky guacamole that is served fresh at your local cantina or you prefer to make a creamier version yourself, from scratch, guacamole is an all-time favorite for food lovers across the nation.

Guacamole is typically made with avocados, salt, spice, lime, cilantro, onions, and tomatoes. Sometimes people add peppers or other herbs but typically, the more simple, the better. Often times, people take classic recipes and personalize them with their own special twists in order to switch things up a bit.

Unfortunately for those who have attempted to publicize their own variations of guacamole have not been met with the praise that they may have expected. Here are some examples of people who have tried to introduce new ingredients into their guacamole but haven’t been quite as successful as they have hoped.

Why You Shouldnt Over-Complicate Guacamole

One example is when Antoni Porowski from the Netflix show, Queer Eye, decided to share his secret of adding greek yogurt to his guacamole in order to make it more creamy. And while his suggestion wasn’t exactly welcomed by fans, he still has a cookbook coming out soon so this little mishap didn’t really seem to hinder any of his success.

Another, somewhat humorous example of a very public shut down of a guacamole-addition-suggestion involves the New York Times and past president Barack Obama. The New York Times suggested that people try adding green peas to their guacamole recipes. To this suggestion, Barack Obama tweeted, “respect the NYT, but not buying peas in guac. onions, garlic, hot peppers. classic.”


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