Whats Next For Craft Beer?

Most men love a good, cold beer. With multiple beer brands pretty inexpensively priced and readily available at your nearest gas station or supermarket, it is no wonder that the beer industry keeps on growing its consumer base, predominantly made up of men.

Yes, women enjoy their beer too, but beer holds a special place in many men’s hearts. Beer lovers are some of the most loyal customers in the game, whether they claim to only drink Corona or only purchase Heineken.

However, as craft breweries have been steadily popping up around the nation, it is no wonder that some of these loyal customers of a certain beer brand decide to try out one or 6 flights of beer at the trendiest brewery in town.

Many of these breweries offer traditional IPAs and Stouts, along with a variety of intricate flavors and aromas that aren’t found in regular, canned beer.

Whats Next For Craft Beer?

Flavors like coffee and chocolate, passion fruit and mango, and even habanero and apple cider vinegar have found their ways into the craft beer market. So, with many men on board already, what’s next for this growing trend of craft beer? Well, to the excitement of many, that answer may be whiskey. The production of whiskey and beer ultimately starts off very similarly. Hot water, yeast, and sugary grains are all processed into alcohol.

Beer gets hopped up while whiskey gets stored in a barrel. Now, crafters are combining the two products and selling them in bottles known as “beer whiskey”.

Beer Whiskey might be the next big thing in craft beer, you should try it out!


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