3 Practical Ways to Put Your Phone to Good Use During Your Workouts

A lot of fitness-related articles about phone usage will tell you to ditch your smartphone so you could focus on your workouts, but that’s not necessarily true. Smartphones can certainly be a distraction, but they can also help you take your workout to the next level if you put them to some good use.

Fitness Tracker

If you don’t have a smartwatch or a fitness band, you can use your phone to track your progress. Most modern smartphones have built-in health apps, which can track your steps, calories, heart rate, and other information relevant to your fitness routine.

Fitness Apps

Home workouts have become increasingly popular in recent years, leading to the boom of fitness apps. There are many free options on the market, while others require a monthly subscription. If you need a little bit of guidance through your home workouts, these apps are just a click away and you can easily access them on your phone.

Netflix and Train

Smartphones can be a distraction when you’re using them to text and scroll through Instagram, but they can also distract you in an effective way. Certain workouts don’t require your full focus, such as treadmill and stationary bike sessions, so you can multitask by watching Netflix on your phone or listening to an audiobook.


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