Turning Potty Pot Sized Spaces into Real Houses

Everyone in the world dreams of owning a big home one day built with all the extravagant accessories. However, it is becoming a fast trend to minimize the size of your home by almost 70%! These homes look like a basic Potty Pot but it’s actually built into a tiny home inside. People who live in these minuscule houses squeeze their entire living space into 100 to 400 square feet whereas on average in America homes are 2,600 square feet.

With having homelessness becoming a major problem across America, one man has decided to create a solution to help the homeless get back on their feet. T.K. Devine wishes to convert port-a-potties into real living spaces for these people. He simply adds a foldable bed, a small kitchenette and of course bathroom is already included. He desires to further go through with his idea and even add a garden and solar panels to the complex. 

Los Angeles in itself spends about $100 million to deal with the problem. Also, many plans to aid the homeless community have been proposed including bussing them to Florida or creating tent cities. Devine’s idea should honestly try going big, let’s hope it gets well supported and works out for the homeless community.


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