Tom Holland Set to Star as Nathan Drake in ‘Uncharted’ Prequel

Hollywood stars instantly receive fame when playing in movies, especially when they are cute, charming and funny. When Hollywood succeeds in finding the perfect young actor, many movie executives want that actor to star in their film knowing it’s a safe bet they would do a great job. In this case, Tom Holland is set to star as Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted adaptation. 

The plot of Uncharted 3 will demonstrate how Nathan met Sullivan for the first time and how he embarks onto the world of treasure hunting. The film is said to be directed by Shawn Levy who also directs Stranger Things. While Holland is indeed very, very young he has confidence, a charming personality as well as is capable of action-adventure stunt work. Which of course, all of those characteristics are a necessity to be playing Nathan Drake. 

Although the star and director have already been hired there is still no script written or created for the Uncharted prequel. Uncharted is said to be on the same footing as the Tomb Raider remake however, there isn’t the entire game’s format to depend on. Fans have yet to see whom Sony puts on this upcoming project to tell this story.


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