This Vagina Mask Will Change How You Think About Costumes and Life

Halloween can get pretty derivative. So many ideas have been done already, it’s all so boringly predictable sometimes. At any given party, you can imagine who’s coming as who. There’s usually a girl dressed as Alice in Wonderland, or more likely Elsa from Frozen these days. Then there’s one lad who just painted himself green and ripped his shorts to go as the Hulk, and some handsome dude too good-looking to bother trying who’s just hired a tux and gone as James Bond.

But if you’re looking to really stand out from the crowd this year, then you could go for something a bit more extreme, a bit more eye-catching, a bit more… genital. The internet has gone crazy this week over a horrifyingly realistic and grotesque mask that will make you resemble a bald, vaginal-mouthed Silent Hill monstrosity, lovingly hand-crafted by an Etsy user to seriously up the spooky stakes.

To see the eye-watering abomination for yourself, flick over to page two. But be warned: you do so at your own peril.

This Vagina Mask Will Change How You Think About Costumes and Life

An Etsy user has managed to craft a disturbingly realistic vagina monster latex mask, available to order this Halloween, and the internet is (understandably) freaking out over it. Melissa Coulter, a professional 3D modeler and mask designer, has made big name for herself with her meticulously molded and eerily detailed latex masks.

Melissa’s Freudian nightmare will be shipped straight to your door from San Diego, California, and costs $489. Some of the initial reviews have been glowing. “I’m very satisfied with purchase! The mask is even better than I thought,” enthused one happy customer. “It does not cover just face but whole head, neck and part of torso. Definitely scariest mask I have ever seen – eerie grin, the detailed work of spikes and horns. The material also seems very durable – thick latex, fits really good, comfortable.” Trick-or-treating is going to get a lot more interesting this year. Let’s hope nobody gets arrested for indecent exposure.


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