This Student Created an American Flag Out Of 4,466 Army Men Toys

You might not remember all your projects from the arts and crafts class, but Jacob Feazel from Peru, Indiana is sure to never forget his.

Jacob took thousands of green, plastic army men and used them to create his own version of the American flag. Over the course of 56 hours, he painted 4,466 army men with red, white, and blue spray paint, and aligned them on a wooden board that measured four feet wide by six feet long. And even though it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get the job done, Jacob wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“It took me 56 hours just to do this project, but they spend a very large portion of their life so that I can make this project.”

 And once it was complete, his mother, Stacey Bishop-Feazel, snapped a few photos of it and posted them on Facebook. Almost immediately, the post blew up, becoming an overnight internet sensation, with people praising his creativity and design.

This Student Created an American Flag Out Of 4,466 Army Men Toys


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