This Mug Promises to Never Block the TV Ever Again

Ironically, being a lazy couch potato ain’t all that easy. Noisy chip chewing can muffle the sound of the television, the remote can slip just out of reach, and the top of your mug can even obscure your view. It’s a nightmare, of sorts… But now an invention from Perpetual Kid promises that you’ll never have to deal with the latter problem again.

The TV Beer Mug might not look like a radical change, but it claims to save countless viewers valuable seconds of television. The offending section of the mug that normally blocks the drinker’s view as you take a swig has been removed, leaving the line of sight free and ready to consume more football. If you you’re the type who enjoys having a good sit in front of the TV with a beer in your hand, this $11 mug might be right up your alley.


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