This Beautiful Game of Thrones Themed Wedding Is A Must See

Katherine Elena Photography blessed us with photographs of what a Game of Thrones fanatic’s wedding would look like. Truth be told, the wedding was so memorizing, even non-viewers are taken away by the sheer glamour and beauty. Katie Lee, who is the owner of Katherine Elena wanted to emphasis the strength of Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark in this wedding.

She teamed with Erin of RCB Fashion who designed the gowns of both women. She created a classic flowery dress based and for Daenerys and a blue, velvet dress for Sansa. In order to really capture the medieval times and theme, the wedding took place at Smithmore Castle in the Blue Ridge Mountains. What really brought the wedding over the edge was the team up with Ella at Celestial Cakery who created a glamorous cake fit for Daenerys.

This Beautiful Game of Thrones Themed Wedding Is A Must See

They also partnered up with Full Moon Fam Wolfdog Sanctuary, which is a nonprofit that rescues abused wolf dogs. They brought a few to represent the House of Stark. Katie explained that she wanted the dogs to be present at the wedding because the wolf was a family crest and “a large part of the show is the dire wolves that help protect each of the Stark children”.


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