These Helpful Items are Perfect if You’re Disorganized

Being disorganized is one of those frustrating traits. It can make life hard for yourself and the people around you and it can feel very unhelpful and annoying. While you can try to work on this trait, it can be hard to entirely eradicate. Luckily there are enough disorganized people in the world, so there are plenty of items to help manage the chaos. Here are some helpful ones to consider.

A Wall Mounted Whiteboard

These may not look that aesthetically pleasing, but they are so useful that you won’t mind at all. Making notes and reminders for yourself is helpful, and having a whiteboard on the wall means you’ll have an easily accessible and very visible space to scribble on which you can update as frequently as you need.

Glow-in-the-Dark Keyring

Being disorganized can often mean you’re more predisposed to losing things. This can be frustrating, and when it’s something super important then it can be catastrophic. Having a glow-in-the-dark keyring will be super helpful if you lose your keys, as you can scan a dark room or glance in your bag to see if there’s anything glowing.

Hallway Hooks

This simple addition to your hallway will mean you can pop your bag and jacket straight on them when you get home, so there’ll be no frantic searching for them the next day.


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