The Perfect Beer For Drinking in the Shower Has Arrived

We’ve all been there before. After a long days work you need to take a shower but also need to start preparing for your night out ahead. What else to do besides take a beer into the shower with you? Finally, the official beer made for drinking in the shower has arrived; ‘Shower Beer’. 

Shower Beer comes to us from a Swedish brewery and is described by them as “a sweet but strong pale ale in a 18 cl (six-ounce) small bottle meant to gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night.”

The niche beer fits in the palm of a hand and has half the liquid of a 12 ounce beer and close to double the alcohol with 10 ABV. However, Shower Beer’s only purpose isn’t getting us drunk quickly. “I designed the recipe so that it can also be used as a conditioner, said PangPang brewery founder Frederik Tunedal so if you are into looking good rather than feeling good, I’ve thought of you too!” 


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