Visit The First Waffle House to Add Beer To Its Menu

For the first time, Waffle House has added beer to its newest location’s menu. The new diner is located in Atlanta’s SunTrust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves. The ballpark diner features a reduced menu, along with Miller Light and Coors Light. The reduced menu only includes hash browns and drinks.

There’s the cheesesteak melt hash brown bowl, grilled chicken melt hashbrown bowl, a regular order of hashbrowns along with water, sodas and beer. This newest addition is made as one of the biggest changes in the company’s history. While there are no plans to incorporate this alcoholic menu to any of the other 400 locations,

Waffle House officials will likely be keeping an eye on their popularity. Given that so many Waffle Houses are located at or near highway exits, adding booze to the menu may not be the best idea.

While it might not be the best food in town, Waffle House has built a cult following in its 63 year history. As the birthplace of Waffle House, Atlanta followers had a lot to say. One twitter fan said, “Hi everyone. In case anyone has forgotten lately: 1) Atlanta is a perfect city 2) WaHo is a perfect eatery,” and “This, my friends, is proof Jesus loves us and wants us to live joyfully.”

However, many believe that serving Coors Light along hash browns tarnishes the spirit of Waffle House. It is, after all, where you go to sober up. “Wait a minute the place you go to eat after you get drunk so you now Can get more drunk while you eat. Capitalism at its finest!” one man posted on facebook.

It seems as if there’s no final decision from the fans yet – whether they like Waho’s change or not. Looks like it’s up to Braves fans to make the final call.


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