Souldja Boy Picks Fight with Family on Twitter

Souldja Boy has been a popular name in the headlines recently as he has found himself constantly getting into trouble or beefing with some other celebrity. 2017 certainly doesn’t look like his year so far, that’s for sure.

We assumed this was the end of it, yet somehow it got worse. Souldja Boy took to Twitter to publically insult members of his own family. The posts have since been taken down but The Shade Room managed to save them before they disappeared. The posts mainly consisted of comments regarding his mother and his brother.

He starts off by writing, “If you gave ur mom a $100,000 and she spent it in a week you would be mad too”. To be fair, he is right. I’d be upset about this too. Then again, he didn’t have to call his mother a crack head. He really took it too far there. He also accused his bother of using him solely to gain recognition and become relevant.

Because of all the talk that has been going around, Souldja Boy wrote on his Twitter that he would be appearing in an interview soon to clear his name from all these rumors.


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