Short Haircuts for Men

          Most guys gravitate to short haircuts whenever they go in for a snip. There is something very gratifying about going to the barber and leaving with tamed and contained hair. There is a large variety of short haircuts. Short haircuts range from buzz cuts to styles that a couple of inches long. Lots of these short haircuts are short on the sides and full on the top. Not all short haircuts have fades though, it depends on your preference.

            There’s a wide range of short haircuts. A very common one is the short hair and mid skin fade. The hair on the top of the head stays relatively long while sides are faded. The hair is left long enough that you can style it in any way you want. Another haircut is the Buzz Cut + Shape Up + Sideburn and Neck Taper. This is basically just a fancy buzz cut, one you can’t do to yourself. It’s done with sharp lines of a shape-up and blurry edges of a taper. Another haircut is the short textured crop + beard, this haircut has been on the up and up. You’ll notice many guys have been getting this one. The hair on the top of your head remains long where the sides get faded and then go into a full beard. The last short haircut is the messy spikes. This one couldn’t be easier. Work whatever product you prefer through damp hair and pull your hair into multiple directions, that way it looks like a mess but an organized mess.



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