iPhone 8 Rumors Have Already Begun

The iPhone 7 has just been launched, but the rumor mill surrounding the next iPhone is already in full throttle. One of the new changes that Apple has made recently has been to establish its manufacturing process outside of China. A manufacturing plant based in Israel was responsible for the iPhone 7, and when pressed about what Apple plan to do with their Israeli base, a source from inside the factory simply replied: “new products.” This sparked various hearsays about the new iPhone being developed there.

Early rumors indicate that this new iPhone 8 would include a superior camera to the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7, which is encouraging, if not exactly surprising. Apple also have an 800-strong office in Israel, and a source from the telecommunications company Cisco, who have an office nearby, said they work on the “hardware” side of things.

Getting an iPhone is difficult and expensive, but once you learn how much it costs to charge your phone for a year, then you might reconsider getting an Android phone.


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