Rougned Odor to Only Sign With Texas Rangers If They Buy Him a Horse

Baseball is an essential sport to American culture and millions of people watch it every single day. People even bet on the results of these games, become die-hard fans, and go to as many live games as possible. As a result, successful and talented baseball players get paid a lot of money to be on a team. Millions of dollars are given on a yearly basis to some of these stars. Sometimes, however, the money is not enough.

Most players opt for receiving typical gifts, such as cars, watches, or a massive party. However, that was not the case for Rougned Odor. He was always a fan of horses and horseback riding.  He loved them so much his friends would call him a Venezuelan Cowboy. In order to get him to play, the Texas Rangers bought him two elite horses. They also are paying him $49.5 million a year. This is the biggest deal the Rangers have ever made.

We are not so sure what exactly makes these horses “elite”, but we do know that horses are extremely expensive in general. A sturdy horse can cost around one million dollars, if not more.


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