Read This Before You Get a Cartilage Ear Piercing

Ear cartilage piercings are placed around the top, outside part of your ear. They are a great way to quickly update your look and can look really cool or pretty depending on how you style them. However, these piercings are more painful and take longer to heal than standard lobe piercings. If you’re considering getting your cartilage pierced, check out these tips and guidance so you can go into it fully prepared.

Cartilage Can Scar

First, it’s important to note that with proper aftercare, your cartilage piercing will almost certainly turn out fine. However, for some people the body can reject cartilage piercings, and one of the most common ways is for a lump or bump to form around your new piercing. Sometimes, this can go down or disappear after a few days, but unfortunately for some people it will stick around until after the piercing is removed (and sometimes even after that). It’s good to be aware that every cartilage piercing you get carries a small risk of this, so make sure you listen and follow your piercer’s aftercare advice carefully.

It Can Hurt

Everyone’s pain thresholds are different, so before you get your ear pierced it can be difficult to predict how bad it will be. However, almost everyone finds a cartilage piercing more painful than a lobe piercing. This is partly because cartilage piercings are performed using a needle and so can take a bit longer to complete, whereas many lobe piercings are done using an ear piercing “gun”.

It Will Take Longer To Heal

Depending on where you go, some piercers will tell you that a lobe piercing can be changed after six weeks. It’s very unlikely that your cartilage piercing will be ready to be changed in so short a time – most piercers recommend leaving it for at least twelve weeks, to allow the piercing to fully heal. Make sure you choose jewelry that you like when you get pierced, as it’s going to be in your ear for some time!


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