Microsoft Wants Xbox One Game Pass to Become the Netflix of Video Games

With the introduction of Netflix several years ago, numerous companies have been attempting to use the same sort of platform for their users. For example, many cable networks, such as HBO and Showtime, have created platforms for paid users to access and stream videos.

This concept has officially reached the video game market as Microsoft has attempting to create the “Netflix of video games” with their Xbox One Game Pass. It’s actually quite a brilliant idea and surely Microsoft has the time and resources to figure out the logistics of it. How it works is simple. Instead of owning a video game, you can rent the game with the Xbox One Game Pass. It costs $10 a month, which is a reasonable price considering there are approximately 100 games to choose from in different gaming genres.

What makes this subscription worth it is the fact that Microsoft will constantly be keeping the games up to date. New games that come out will be available and many of the 100 games will be rotated. This means that they won’t all be always available.


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