Mick Jagger’s Eighth Child is Younger Than His Great Grandchild

Rock legend Mick Jagger has just become a father for the eighth time, giving the 73-year-old some fresh diapers to worry about, while many his age start worrying about their own. Here’s a quick look at the key dates in the life and career of the great-grandfather who has ensured that future family reunions will be deeply confusing affairs.

1943: Mick is born

1945: First wife Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias was born; World War II ends

1956: Second wife Jerry Hall is born

1963: First Rolling Stones single: “Come On”

1964: First Rolling Stones album

1965: First U.S. #1 single: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

1967: Birth of Kurt Cobain

1969: Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones dies (replaced by Mick Taylor)

1970: First and only child with Marsha Hunt is born

1971: Marries Bianca; their first and only child is born

1974: Mick Taylor leaves the Rolling Stones (replaced by Ronnie Wood)

1978: Divorces Bianca; last Stones U.S. #1 single to date: “Miss You”

1984: First of four children with Jerry Hall is born

1985: David Bowie duet “Dancing in the Street;” original group member/longtime tour manager Ian Stewart dies

1987: Current girlfriend Melanie Hamrick is born

1989: Last Stones U.S. Top 10 single to date: “Mixed Emotions”

1990: Marries Jerry (later invalidated)

1992: First grandchild is born, as well as child number five (still with Jerry)

1993: Bill Wyman leaves the Rolling Stones (replaced by Darryl “The Munch” Jones—yes, the “new kid” has been in the band 23 years)

1994: Death of Kurt Cobain

1999: First and only child with Luciana Gimenez Morad is born

2014: First great-grandchild is born

2016: Birth of first child with Melanie (eighth overall)

Can we look forward to child number 9? We hope not, jeez Mick.


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