Matt Reeves Drops Out of New Batman Flick

Ben Affleck originally set out to both act and direct in the upcoming Batman film, which will be the solo sequel to the Dark Knight. However, Affleck recently mentioned that he doesn’t plan on performing his director duties anymore by stating he “cannot do both jobs at the level they require”. This had sparked conversation between Warner Bros and director Matt Reeves last week. Reeves is known for directing several films, including the Planet of the Apes films. Apparently, the conversation between the two didn’t go very well as Reeves was seen walking out of the negotiations. However, it is not clear why. 

Warner Brothers then attempted to snag Ridley Scott and Fede Alvarez to direct the Batman film, as Affleck now cannot do so. It seems as if there have been major “director” issues at Warner Brothers with the company changing and switching directors for a few of their upcoming films. Nevertheless, Affleck will continue to act and will appear as Batman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League film. The movie is set to premier in November of 2017 and will introduce a set of other superheroes like Aquaman and Cyborg.


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