Man Donates His Entire Tool Collection to Tool Library

In Saint Paul, Minnesota, a man named David Merry has decided to contribute to his community in the best way that he could. The 74-year old man saw his opportunity when the founders of the new Saint Paul Tool Library requested donations from families and individuals of the town. What they weren’t expecting was David Merry donating a massive amount of tools; an amount that they assumed would have taken over a year to collect.

Pete Hoh, one of the local advisory members of the library, commented on Merry’s donation, stating that he was flabbergasted by Merry’s kindness. Merry didn’t end his contribution there, though. As Pete Hoh puts it, “It’s not like we just got the stuff, we got the guy”.

David Merry appears to always be around when the library is open, offering people not only his tools but also his help and service. He is a professional and valued craftsman with expertise in planting, sawing, jointing, and other craft activities. For those who are not as experienced, Merry is here to help them.

It’s clear that Merry loves helping people and that his community is extremely appreciative for his kind donation and service.


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