Lonzo Ball Proves Himself During Summer League

Lonzo Ball may have gotten off to a rough start in the NBA, but he definitely bounced back. His first game was a bit rocky, but once he got the hang of the league, he totally dominated. Ball was clearly the one to watch during summer league and his stats were undeniably impressive.

Ball brought the Lakers much attention during this summer league. He helped to sell out a summer league game for the first time in history. NBAPR tweeted, “2.6M views of Lonzo Ball’s lineup introduction for his NBA Summer League debut on Instagram, 6th most viewed Instagram NBA video all time.” 

Even before Lonzo stepped on the court, he was destined to attract fans. With his loud mouth father vouching for how good he is and Lonzo making cocky comments to the media, it was guaranteed he was going to cause a scene in the NBA. The NBA even announced that the Summer League viewership went up 112% over last year’s numbers.

Lonzo even went as far as to take home the Summer League MVP award. No matter what the basketball player does, he will be talked about. Whether it is his purple shoes or his father, fans eat it up and can’t get enough of him.


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