Justice League Batmobile Revealed by Zack Snyder

The time has finally arrived where director Zack Snyder has provided fans with a glimpse of the Batmobile that will be used in the upcoming Batman film, Justice League.

He posted a photo of the vehicle on social media site, Vero. His caption was clever, too, saying “upgrades…what are you worried about Wayne”. The movie is expected to hit theaters later on this year in the middle of November.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait for whatever clues and glimpses of the film we can get our hands on next. There seems to be a lot, though, since Snyder has been very lenient with contents of the film.

Just last week, he leaked a 5 second video clip of actor Jason Momoa playing Aquaman and swimming underwater.

We’re curious to see how Snyder directs this film as he got a lot of criticism for making Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a very dark film.

It appears from the recent clip releases that he is not holding back in any way, though. In fact, he might even be tempted to take it one step further for his audience.


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