Jordan Spieth is Engaged to His Longtime Girlfriend

Jordan Spieth started his 2018 year off right when he proposed to longtime girlfriend Annie Verret back in December. The duo have been dating since they were in high school in Dallas. He spent three semesters at the University of Texas, while she graduated from Texas Tech after the fall semester in 2014.Verret, an events coordinator, was by Spieth’s side when he won the British Open this summer, and after the tournament, the golfer told reporters he puts his personal life ahead of sports. “My faith and then my family, and then after that, you know, this is what I love to do,” the 24 year old said at a press conference. “[Golf is] not No. 1 in my life. And I’ll have a family of my own someday and that will be — golf will be fourth. So as of now, you know, my relationships I have with my best friends and my family and my girlfriend are second and golf’s third.”

Spieth almost had to delay his proposal to Verret as he was battling an illness at the time. Right when he began to plan his big moment, he got sick. “I had to have a backup plan,” he said. “But I woke up and felt good that day and went through with it.” Spieth’s brother, Steven, who was playing basketball overseas, was home for the holidays, and Verret’s sister was in town. “So we had our families there afterward, and it was a great night.” Verret first got public exposure as Spieth kissed her when he walked off the 18th green at Augusta National following his wire-to-wire victory at the Masters, though she was never a constant presence at tournaments because of her job.

Spieth, at one point, ranked the world’s number one golfer, has won three majors and the 2015 FedEx Cup champion. He was also named one of the “100 Most Influential People” by Time magazine in 2016.


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