Jennifer Aniston to Play POTUS in New Netflix Comedy

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous actresses of our generation. She has played in various movies and TV shows, including her most iconic role as Rachel in Friends.

Aniston has recently embarked on a new entertainment venture with Netflix to create a comedy film where she plays the main character. The content Jennifer has created in the past has not been associated with Netflix so this will be a fun and interesting new experience for the esteemed actress.

The movie will be called “First Ladies” and Jennifer will be playing the president of the United States.

Jennifer Aniston to Play POTUS in New Netflix Comedy

Comedian Tig Notaro will also be in the show as the First Lady if the United States. Notaro is a well-established comedian who has worked with numerous celebrities in the past, including Ellen Degeneres. Essentially, the comedic film will be about the president and her First Lady. Netflix has already created a description for the film. “Behind every great woman…is another great woman.”

Jennifer Aniston to Play POTUS in New Netflix Comedy

The characters names will be Beverly and Kasey Nicholson.

Jennifer Aniston will also be producing the film, along with Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Betsy Koch, and Jessica Elbaum. Not much information has been provided on when the film will be released.

Additionally, news on other cast members and filming locations are also not known. The main storyline of the movie is also not officially declared. We hope to receive some new information soon as this film sounds like it will be absolutely hilarious!


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