Is The NFL Rigged? This Might Be A Clue

Some have said the NFL is rigged for years. Many speculated about the National Football League. The America football league was established in 1920 and since then, it has been at the center of many speculations and critics. So when a man posted a video online claiming that it proves the NFL is dirty, he got the attention of many. Introducing the video, its creator says: “OK, so on this next play… the Browns fumbled the ball, but they say that the Redskins recovered the football. Now, watch this and tell me I’m trippin’.”

By looking at the video, we can see that the Browns player does not drop or fumble the ball. He actually emerges from the contact with the ball in hand. Despite his great sport performance, the commentator announces that the Redskins have managed to turn over the ball and regain possession. We don’t know if this is enough proof to claim that the NFL is rigged. The video is convincing, however it is just one episode that cannot be considered like compelling evidence for such a big accusation. We’ll keep enjoying football hoping that this guy is wrong!


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