Accessories to Make Wild Swimming Even Better 

Swimming is one of the most popular choices for exercise and it has so many benefits for your whole body. For nature lovers who enjoy this exercise, one of the best activities possible is wild swimming, where you head to a natural body of water for a refreshing dip. As incredible as this experience is, it can be slightly challenging too. Here are some accessories which help to make it more enjoyable. 

A Rash Vest

This simple accessory is perfect if you are swimming in quite cool water a lot. You can choose different sleeve lengths, and they help to keep you warmer by trapping in your body heat. While it may not seem that great, the difference they make to your core temperature in cold water is amazing and much appreciated. 

Swimming Shoes

One of the challenges of wild swimming is being in totally natural spaces where there might be difficult terrain. Having shoes with a good sole that can be worn in the water is perfect, and they also help to protect against issues like broken glass or animal bites and spikes. 

A Dry Robe

Wild swimming is amazing and the feeling you have after getting out of the water is unbeatable. However, so often once out of the water the coldness suddenly hits and it can be hard to deal with. Having a big, cozy dry robe is perfect to throw over yourself and also helps you to get changed more discreetly.


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