Hugh Jackman Favors Recasting Wolverine

Being in 2017, one can only imagine the amount of remakes, versions, and reboots of all the different types of classic films out there. One of these remakes is potentially going to be The Wolverine now that we have Hugh Jackman’s approval. “The character will go on. Someone else will play it, for sure,” he insists in his interview with The New York Times. Jackman was very much okay with the fact that someone will continue his legacy. The handsome Jackman will not be the only man to have the chance at obtaining those retractable claws and become a superhero.

Since his 2015 interview with MTV, Jackman is almost positive they already have the reboot in the works. “I’m sure they’re already talking about it,” he stated confidently. As exciting as this all sounds, this remake may not be happening any time soon, especially with the grand finale of Logan coming to theaters March 3rd of this year. Even though Logan has already received many positive and phenomenal reviews, such as a 9.6/10 from IMDb, Jackman has agreed that this will be his last and final time he will be playing as the X-Men character.


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