How to Know She’s the One

Marrying the right person. Looks a lot easier on paper or on a computer screen than trying to do it. You and your significant other are looking for different qualities, but let’s take a look at what you want in your ideal woman: smoking hot, great personality, cooks like a professional chef, and smarter than a college professor. Yet when you set these standards up, you may be hurting your current or future relationship because no human being can be everything that you desire.

They may be leading you to leave a great woman just because she falls short of your expectations. Or you may have a fear of getting divorced, citing news about other failed marriages as your reasons for not wanting to find anything serious.

How to Know Shes the One

In reality, the truth is more obvious than it seems that you have found the woman for you, but sometimes you need some help realizing it.

Some key aspects of the woman that is the one for you are: she gets along with your friends and family, the relationship feels natural from the get-go, she’s like a best friend, you would rather her stay the same than change anything about herself, and that you wouldn’t be afraid of marrying her. All these aspects culminate into one thing you should be asking yourself when should the wedding date be?


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