Tips to Dress Like The Sophisticated Man You Are

Then now’s probably the time to make a huge wardrobe change and finally have that adult image that also fits the age that is on your ID!

Dressing your age can be a challenge sometimes. You don’t want to come off younger than you actually are but you also do not want to look like your 95-year-old grandfather. So here are a few tips to make the right choices when picking out new items for your more sophisticated wardrobe. 

The first thing you might want to get rid of is your old jeans. Yes, skinny and baggy jeans have been in style for years now, but it’s better to leave that style for the younger generation. Instead, you should go for slim fitted and dark washed jeans. It’s a happy medium between the two other styles and gives you a more age-appropriate look.


It might cost you a little bit more than your old jeans, but it’s absolutely worth the splurge since you can pair it with lots of other clothing items. And you’ll be able to wear it to many different events as well. If you wear your new jeans with a bulky sweater you’ll have a casual look during those cold winter months.


But if you pair it with a nice dress shirt/quality t-shirt and blazer you are ready for that important business meeting at work!


Tips to Dress Like The Sophisticated Man You Are

Shoes are also very important items to make your look more sophisticated. We’re not saying you should get rid of all your limited edition sneakers, but know when to wear them.


If you want to look more like an adult go for a nice pair of leather chukka boots, like these ones by Clarks. Timberland also has some great options to check out. 


Tips to Dress Like The Sophisticated Man You Are

When thinking of jewelry you usually think of the earrings and necklaces your girlfriend is always wearing. But did you know that jewelry can also really finish off the look you have created for yourself? And we don’t mean those feminine kind of rings and bracelets your girlfriend stocks up on, or those huge gold necklaces B.A. Baracus used to wear in the hit series The A-Team.


These days men have a wide range of nice jewelry to choose from. For example this Railroad spike cuff from Giles & Brother. 

Tips to Dress Like The Sophisticated Man You Are

The same goes for bags. A good quality leather bag can give you the more sophisticated look you are looking for. So if you are currently using your old college backpack or no bag at all (and you store all your belongings in the back pockets of your jeans), now is the time to invest in a nice leather bag to upgrade your look. A great choice is this quilted leather duffle bag by Ralph Lauren.


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