Heres Why Kobe Bryant is Better than Michel Jordan

Both of these legendary players have contributed so much to the game of basketball, but when push comes to shove, there’s no denying that Kobe dominates.

#1 Kobe is Loyal

He’s been with the same team for his entire career. Around the time of Jordan’s retirement, the Chicago Bulls were undergoing some difficulties and Jordan “coincidentally” retired at that time, only to reappear on the Washington Wizards in 2001.

Heres Why Kobe Bryant is Better than Michel Jordan

#2 Kobe is Committed to the Game

He played for all twenty seasons of his incredible career, he never took time off to randomly film Space Jam.

#3 His Stats are Actually Better

By the numbers, Kobe is actually better than Jordan. Not by much, but the stats can’t lie.

Heres Why Kobe Bryant is Better than Michel Jordan

#4 Kobe is a Team Player

Unlike Jordan, his team has been under constant flux and Kobe has had to adjust his game and learn to work with a variety of players. He’s shown versatility and creativity with so many different kinds of players.

#5 He’s One Tough Cookie

Kobe won’t let up even when he’s injured. He’s had three knee surgeries over his career and even continued to play with a hand injury.


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