Here’s What You Need to Know for the Perfect Shave

When it comes to the world of a man’s morning routine, there is an imperative decision a man must make when determining whether he should shave, and with what. To some, shaving is a tiresome task to get over with every few days.

These individuals usually don’t have an issue with the general, one-time use style of shavers that are made of plastic and can be thrown away. Bic has mastered the concept of throwaway shavers by providing a safe, yet cheap utensil to get this grooming task completed.

However, there are plenty of manly men who take their grooming very seriously.

Heres What You Need to Know for the Perfect Shave

Companies, such as Gillette, are aware of this fact and believe that the experience of shaving should be an enjoyable and meticulous one.

Gillette has done extensive market research in order to produce a product that swivels and swirls in order to finally reach all areas of the face will less potential for cuts.

They were also the first company to introduce a lubricating strip on their razors to make the process even slicker. A high-end razor can even cost up to $100,000, such as the Zafirro Iridium razor created by Bright Light Ventures.


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