Foo Fighters New Album Concrete and Gold: What We Know So Far

For a while last year it seemed Dave Grohl’s rocking Foo Fighters were on their way out. They had a rough 2015 tour with Grohl breaking his leg mid-tour. To add on to that, rumors were spreading like wildfire that the band was preparing to split, times were dark indeed. Luckily, the band endures on with their same playful humor and head banging rock n roll. Earlier this year we found out that recording for their upcoming ninth album had begun. The album will be called Concrete and Gold and is slated for release on September 15th, 2017.

The band officially released one song from the album called ‘Run’ so far, but they have been teasing new songs at shows. Last night, at a Paris concert Dave Grohl lead the band into another hard rocking song called ‘Dirty Water’. On both songs the band maintains they’re signature style. For now, we can hope this summer will be filled with more songs and tastes of the album to come. 


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