Five Classic Tips To Instantly Update Your Fall Wardrobe

Menswear has been killing it this season. There is no shortage of classic cuts and great fits and keeping your closet clean and streamlined can be a bit of a challenged. Keep things classic and instantly upgrade your look with these five items.

#1 The New and Improved Hoodie
For those who favor the dressed up, dressed down look, this hoodie/blazer combination is going to be a fall staple. Luxury brands have led this trend with designers like Vince Comuto solving the problem of what to wear when you need to look sharp, but you gotta keep your ears warm.

#2 Graphic Pea Coats
This season keep an eye out for the pea coat that´s got a little bit of attitude. Take a look at Tommy Hilfiger´s sharp, military style pea coats that feature some bold and graphic design elements.

#3 Not Your High School Varsity Jacket
Designers like Perry Ellis are bringing back the comfort of your varsity jacket with the mature upgrade of luxury fabrics and streamlined design. Look for a jacket that perfectly pulls off that lived-in look without sacrificing on style.

#4 Toggle Coat Please
All you Wall Street and law firm boys might be looking askance, but the toggle coat is back with a twist. Michael Kors has perfected your childhood favorite, adding sharper lines and crisper fabrics to build a jacket that you can feel proud wearing into the boardroom.

#5 Big Bold Overcoats
Keeping warm doesn’t mean slumming it up. Your great big jacket should not be a great big disaster and brands like Hickey Freeman are sending out some great overcoats that have the bulk to warm you up, with surprising fabrics to keep things perfectly of the moment.


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