Differences In Mens Fashion In The U.S And Europe

American men absolutely love throwing on a pair of jeans, popping on their favorite baseball cap, throwing on a clean shirt, and walking on out the door to meet up with buddies, go shopping, go to the park, or basically do anything. When they want to dress up to go to a bar, many American men throw on a different -or the same- pair of baggy jeans but swap out the t-shirt for a button down or polo.

This look constitutes quite a large portion of what American men wear on a daily basis. And while American men and women are accustomed to seeing a group of guys walking along the street with their loose jeans and a flannel, European men have quite a different average style.

In Europe, many of the men wear jeans that are slightly more tightly fitted at the ankle and thighs, especially if they are going out for a night at a pub or club. Slightly tighter jeans is a sign of masculinity among many European men. They also tend to wear slightly tighter shirts as well. And to top their looks off, they may add a sleek leather jacket and a scarf to finish off their look.

Differences In Mens Fashion In The U.S And Europe

Many American women perceive European men to be more stylish because of their clothing choices and their grooming choices as well. Sleek and well-kept haircuts are more very common among European men, while shaggy hair is still sort of trends in the United States. There are many fashion differences between European and American men because of the different environments.


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