The Claim that the Redskins Are Now the Redhawks is Fake News

For the past year, the theme of “fake news” has been a recurring theme. Made popular by the now president, Donald Trump, who continuously utilized the term during the beginning stages of his campaign and still uses it today, the term “fake news” has been one of the most recurring themes of news stories across multiple political platforms.

This concept of fake news may have been taken too far when recently, a fraudulent website made the claim that the Washington Redskins have changed their name to the Redhawks. At least five pages and a Twitter account were falsely spreading this name change through their posts.

The people behind the false claims have yet to be identified. But no worries, if you are a Redskins fan and saw this news story that claimed that there was a name change, Tony Wyllie, the senior Vice President of communications for the Redskins claims, “The name of the team is the Washington Redskins and will remain that for the future.”


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