The Best Restaurants When You’re Trying To Stay Trim

There are so many different diets currently on the market.  And while these diets are great for people looking to shed a few pounds, they are not so great for social situations. Many social gatherings revolve around food.

Whether it is grabbing a quick bite to each with a colleague on a lunch break, getting brunch with your grandparents, or going on a date.  Often times, restaurants are the most convenient and practical places for groups of people to get together to hang out.

However, these social situations can be extremely stressful for people who are trying to eat clean and calculate all of their macronutrients to follow a strict diet plan.

Unfortunately, your friends who are not also on a strict diet may not be supportive or respectful of your request to make a meal at home or to go somewhere that doesn’t involve eating. So, one of the best ways to meet in the middle of this dilemma is to request that the restaurant you all visit is one where you have the ability to pick your own food.

The Best Restaurants When Youre Trying To Stay Trim

For example, places like Chipotle are great because it allows you to know exactly what food you are consuming. They also have an online nutrition calculator that will approximate the exact nutrition of what you will be eating.  Places like this are great because you are able to plan your meal and the other things you will be eating that day.

 Other places that are build-your-own style are Moes, Poke restaurants, and salad bars.  However, if your friends refuse to go to a place like this, make sure you go to a restaurant that at least has an online menu where you will be able to look at your options and see exactly what meal you want to order before you enter the restaurant.

This will help alleviate your incline to cheat and order something that isn’t diet friendly.


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