Brexit Is Making Lots Of Brits Want To Become German Citizens

Not every British citizen is happy with the fact that Britain is leaving the European Union. There’s a part of the British population that does not want to remain living there and are now moving to other European countries, with Germany as their top choice. 

According to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office there were only 622 Brits that wanted to become German citizens in  2015, which was a year before the UK held a referendum about its participation in the European Union. That number increased dramatically with 2,865 in 2016 and 7,493 last year. This last number was a 163% increase from the applications filed in 2016.

Not only are the Brits looking forward to drinking German beers when they become citizens, the German passport is one to brag about as well. For a long time the German passport was the most powerful in the world, but since this year it ranks second on the Henley Passport Index.

With a German passport, you can travel to 179 countries without needing a visa. Right now holders of a British passport can travel to 177 countries without needing a visa, but after the UK officially exits the European Union on March 29th, 2019, this number is expected to drop significantly. 

Another reason for Brits to move to Germany before Brexit will become official is that they can keep their current nationality. At the moment Germany allows dual nationality if the applicant is a citizen of one of the other countries in the European Union. 


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