The 13 Best Under-the-Radar Travel Destinations for 2019

Looking for a new hot spot to travel, but don’t know where to begin looking? Here are some wonderful under the radar destinations to brighten your 2019 year.

Talkeetna, Alaska

Situated between Alaska’s well known Anchorage and Mount Denali you will find the small village of Talkeetna. As a gateway to the infamous Denali National Park, adventures surround this extraordinary destination for its large variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking, and rafting – all including beautiful views. For those interested in the social life of the small village, you will find a mix of brewpubs, weed dispensaries, artist studios, and local shops. While summer is the best time to travel to this eccentric place, you can beat the crowds in the winter time and even have a chance at catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Bhutan, Asia

If you’re looking for a place where you Gross National Happiness is more important than your GDP, then Bhutan is the perfect place for you. In this vibrant beauty, peace and prosperity thrive in Bhutan. For a minimum tariff of $250 USD per day, each guest receives all inclusive benefits, including accommodation, transportation, food, and official guide. As the last great Himalayan Kingdom, Buddhist culture can be found in all aspects of life. The kingdom is known for its monasteries, fortresses, and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. It truly is a sight to see.

The 13 Best Under-the-Radar Travel Destinations for 2019

Pichilemu, Chile

This sleepy surf town in central Chile offers expansive sand beaches and ideal surfing conditions. However, the city of Pichilemu offers so much more. For example, visual artists such as Macarena Irarrazaval, Beatriz Hagel, and Florencia Onetto are elevating Pichilemu as an up-and-coming art destination for locals and tourists alike. Culinary innovators like Gustavo Moreno Marquez and Javiera Valenzuela Concha of Raíces Lab are also catching the eye of gastronomes by creating sustainable menus from locally-foraged ingredients. While this is all up and coming, surfing has been the legacy for quite some time now. Feel free to take lessons from a pro and hang loose in the beautiful ocean with some friends

The 13 Best Under-the-Radar Travel Destinations for 2019

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, acts as the perfect European Escape to somewhere other than the more well known places, including London or Paris. Tallinn looks like it was designed straight out of a fairytale, especially as you stroll past beautiful towering gothic architecture along old cobblestoned streets. Here you can find lines of picturesque cafés and boutiques. Tallinn is the first point of entry to Estonia for most visitors, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to jump right in, then you’re in luck, as Tallinn city centre is never more than 15 minutes drive away regardless of if you happen to arrive by plane, train, coach or ferry.

The 13 Best Under-the-Radar Travel Destinations for 2019

Honorable Mentions

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is the perfect place to go when life gets to be a little bit overwhelming, as this city perfectly slows your pulse and awakens your imagination withs its combination of world class comfort and spiritual nourishment. Luang Prabang sits cozily in a valley where the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers meet. Here, French colonial architecture can be found directly aside elaborate Buddhist temples, as well as new luxury hotels and resorts for those into the more modern age. Buddhist monasteries abound in Luang Prabang, and early every morning, monks process through the streets collecting alms (their food for the day)

Aysén, Patagonia

Aysén is the perfect spot for those wishing to seek out an adventure. While Patagonia itself may already be on people’s buckets lists, Aysén is a remote land that is sparsely populated and still very much unexplored, offering you the perfect opportunity to be the first. Adventurers will appreciate the area’s dramatic landscapes, including snow capped mountains, staggering fjords, and temperate rainforests.

Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

When people think of South Carolina, they tend to think of the more cultural hubs, such as Asheville and Charleston. However, Palmetto Bluff is making a rise as one of the best kept secrets in the South. Steeped in history, rich biodiversity, and 32 miles of quiet coastlines, check into this place for some true Southern Hospitality. Indulge in luxurious and laidback activities, such as golfing and fishing – two of the many options at your fingertips.

Comporta, Portugal

Comprised of a small cluster of villages on Portugal’s Troia Peninsula, this coastal village offers a relaxing getaway from the stress of daily life. Here you will not find many hotels or restaurants, which adds to Comporta’s charisma, defined by whitewashed buildings with terracotta roofs and pristine beaches that are bordered by rolling sand dunes and vibrant rice fields.

Botswana, Africa

Botswana offers some of the most spectacular safaris on Earth. As one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, only approximately two million inhabitants call Botswana home. Here, animals roam and rule the land, including elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, and cheetahs. It’s truly the ultimate playground for nature lovers.

Cork, Ireland

Cork, the youthful city located just inland from Ireland’s southwest coast, has been busy reinventing itself after a hit by the economic recession. This cosmopolitan place has waterfront views, historic churches, and an artisan coffee bar on every corner, making it a must see destination spot for 2019. While there’s a bit of a hipster scene, the best of the city is happily traditional, with snug pubs with live music session, top quality produce in local restaurants, and incredibly welcoming locals.

Tasmania, Australia

When one thinks of Tasmania, they think of rugged mountains and shimmering water. Local tours take intrepid travelers on an unforgettable journey along weathered coastlines, staggering mountains, and untouched beaches. Tasmania’s native wildlife is ever present: spy Tasmanian devils after dark, share the Southern Ocean swell with seals and dolphins or watch penguins waddling home at dusk.

Garzón, Uruguay

As one of the smaller countries in South America, it is still crawling with plenty of activities to do for every type of traveler. Once a ghost town, its city center got a second wind after celebrated Argentine chef Francis Mallmann opened his restaurant-hotel hybrid, El Garzón. Today, a slew of galleries display a collection of local works and artists from around the world. Its newest lure lies in the burgeoning wine region, with Bodega Garzón producing some of the top Tannat red and Albariño white wines in the world.

Malawi, Africa

Apart from the legendary Malawian friendliness, what captures you first about this vivid country is its geographical diversity. Slicing through the landscape in a trough formed by the Great Rift Valley is Africa’s third-largest lake: Lake Malawi, a shimmering mass of clear water, its depths swarming with colourful cichlid fish. Whether for diving, snorkelling, kayaking or chilling out on beaches and desert islands, a visit to the lake is a must. As a country, people perceive Malawi being safe, stable and peaceful.


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