The Best Breweries Across America

Beer is easily becoming one of the most popular alcoholic beverages to consume among many Americans. Not that it wasn’t popular in previous years, but now beer has become more of a craft and less of a drink that you try to rapidly consume at a fraternity party.

According to Gallup, Beer is even preferred by more Americans than liquor or wine. Beer has even become so acclaimed as to have acquired its own National Beer Day celebration. This celebration is held in April because it celebrates the Cullen Harrison Act of 1933. This act was the one that initiated an end to prohibition in the United States. Along with being a long time favorite beverage to lay out at cookouts, parties, or the Super Bowl, beer has become an art that is being explored through multiple breweries across the nation.

Breweries seem to be popping up everywhere and as of now, there are over 6,000 craft breweries in the United States. Most of these breweries offer tasting rooms and tours, which are really excited for the beer-loving patrons. If you are a beer lover, look no further than these places to go on your next craft tasting adventure.

The Best Breweries Across America

Broken Compass Brewing is located in Breckenridge, Colorado. If you’re vacationing in Breckenridge and finish you early morning ski trip of hike, it is definitely worth making a trip afterwards to Broken Compass Brewing. The beers crafted by this brewery have become local favorites, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to try their Coconut Porter or their Chili Pale Ale.

The Best Breweries Across America

One of the first craft Breweries in the United States is Anchor Brewing in San Francisco. This brewery continues to utilize copper brewhouses in order to make every ale that they offer. This is definitely a go-to spot if you want to spend an afternoon drinking some great beer and enjoying the food trucks in the surrounding area.

Hawaii isn’t just known for its beaches. Or well, it shouldn’t be. Kohola Brewery in Lahaina, Hawaii is the birthplace of the tropical Lokahi Pilsner and their Pineapple Pilsner, two very popular choices that continuously draw large crowds of locals and tourists.

The Best Breweries Across America

Wren House Brewing of Phoenix, Arizona is another cool spot to try if you’re on the beer-loving train.  Over 60 breweries have popped up in the area since 2013, but Wren House Brewing still remains extremely popular due to their Jomax Oatmeal Stout that is made with Ethiopian coffee beans.

Allagash Brewing of Portland, Maine is also a must. With their Belgian style beers and seasonal offerings, beer lovers can’t get enough. They also offer free, basic tours or partake in the tasting room.

If you’ve already checked all of these out, other top breweries you should try include Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling of San Antonio, Georgetown Brewing of Seattle, Argus Brewery of Chicago, and Samuel Adams Brewery of Boston.


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