Balding? With Have Some Lifesaving Tips For You

We know it’s a delicate topic, but some things HAVE to be said. For those who are becoming bald, there are some important issues that have to be addressed. But before getting into them, acceptance is the first step to deal with this problem in the best way. Balding men need to accept what is happening to them and deal with the problem instead of trying to hide it in any way possible. So here’s a brief guide on dos and don’ts for balding men.

Do not overdo with the hair product. Do buy creams that are recommended by a family doctor, but do not exaggerate with the amount of product you put on your head. Follow the instructions and be patient. Do not wash your hair everyday.
The cleaner your hair will look, the thinner it will seem. Also, when you wash your hair, be careful with the blowdryer. It can be very damaging for your hair and cause faster and additional fall. In addition, if you are getting bold do not leave half head with hair and half bold.

Just face the reality and shave it all! Last but not least, stay away from Tupees. People will notice that you are wearing a fake animal on your head. Finally, here is the truth: Bold guys can be extremely hot, so embrace your baldness and you’ll look confident and sexy!


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