A Survey Has Revealed that Baldness is Not a Major Turn Off for Women

Many men who are losing their hair due to male pattern baldness always worry that their attractiveness will take a huge nosedive. But according to a new survey, it looks as though these worries might all be for nothing. Yes, it seems women don’t actually find baldness less attractive. As a matter of fact, the survey has revealed that many women see it as sexy.

Superdrug Online Doctor published the survey and here is a summary of the results that will have balding men everywhere breathing a sigh of relief.

A Survey Has Revealed that Baldness is Not a Major Turn Off for Women

Researchers surveyed 1,712 individuals, asking them to share their stories about dating and hair loss (914 were men and 798 were women). The researchers found that out of the women they surveyed, 54% of them in the US and 14% of them in the UK thought bald men are sexy. What is more interesting, as far as dating was concerned, is that they preferred “personality” over “attractiveness” any day.

What about those men that have suffered extreme hair loss? Well, the good news extends to them too. When women were asked if they would date someone with severe hair loss, 76% of them said they would.

So if you are a balding guy desperately trying to cling to his thinning hairs or trying to hide his receding hairline with a combover, it might be time to let it go. Embrace your inner Bruce Willis and shave it off – let these women see your bald sexy head!


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