Allen Iversons Withdrawal From The Big3 Game Was A Huge Disappointment To Fans

Allen Iverson most certainly had a ton of controversy when he played in the NBA for the Philadelphia 76ers, but that does not mean his fans did not still love and look up to him. He has an interesting back story and messed up countless times, but his skills truly did the talking.

When Ice Cube announced his 3-on-3 basketball league, Iverson immediately became the face of the tournament. Fans all over were looking forward to watching him play once again, especially against another 76ers legend, Julius Erving, aka Dr. J. However, Sunday afternoon, fans were given some pretty displeasing news from Iverson himself on Instagram.

“To all my fans out there, based on advice from my doctor, I will not be playing in the game tonight. I will be there to coach my team and beat Dr. J’s team. I’ll be interacting with all my fans, and we’ll have a great time. You will see some great basketball. I love you fans for supporting me all of the years up to today, and I’ll see you when I get there.”

No additional information was given, which will of course cause some speculation. Many fans either stopped viewing the game or even left the arena once they heard or realized Iverson would not be playing. Iverson was on the sidelines coaching the game, but his absence on the court was pretty displeasing for fans. 


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