The Most Ridiculous Halloween Costume For You and Your Girlfriend

Something super fun that people love to do for Halloween, themed parties, or sorority and fraternity date events is dress up.  Depending on the theme, there are a ton of funky costume options that will allow you to be creative and embrace your inner self.  These costume parties and occasions are the perfect opportunity to pull out your sewing kit to make your own costume or to pull out your credit card to purchase a costume at a local store or an online shop.  Regardless of if you are making your costume yourself or buying it from somewhere, there are a ton of options that you and your costume partner can make an impression on all of the other people in attendance.  One of the best ways to stand out from a crowd while being immersed in a pool of fun and different costumes is to go the funny costume route.

There are a ton of funny costume ideas that you and your partner can easily dress up as.  One of the funniest, although raunchy costume ideas is dressing up as a pair of boobs.  While this may not seem like a funny concept at first, once you see the actual costume (pictured) you are sure to chuckle.  This idea is perfect for a couple who want to make a clear statement that they are a pair- literally.  Even when you aren’t standing next to your costume partner in crime, with this costume, there is no doubt that you will never be mistaken as a solo costume wearer.  This funny costume will literally have people laughing all night long and you will undoubtedly be the center of any party or event that you are attending.


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