3 Reasons to Join a Wild Swimming Group

Wild swimming is a super popular activity. It combines a love of the movement of swimming with the joy of being outside in a wild, natural place. It can be done throughout the year depending on where you live and is enjoyed in the sea, lakes, rivers, and more. Many people enjoy this activity alone or with a friend, but there are many wild swimming groups that people can join, and here are some reasons why you should. 

Can Help Keep You Motivated

Wild swimming is amazing and for those who really love it, it’s one of the best ways to spend time. However, when the weather is gray and miserable it can often put us off, despite knowing how much we’d enjoy it still. Having a group that will be heading there will help to inspire you to join even on the rainiest of days.

It’s Safer

Swimming in wild, natural places is incredible, but of course comes with some risks. Having a big group of fellow swimmers with you means that if anything does go wrong you’ll have people there to help.

A Perfect Way to Make Friends 

Even if you only see each other for your swim sessions, this is a lovely way to socialize. It’s always amazing to find a group of people who love something as much as you do, and swimming in beautiful, natural places with friends is one of the greatest joys. 


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