3 Underrated Films You Need to Watch

Think you’ve seen every movie worth seeing? In the vast ocean of cinema, some gems don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Here are three underrated films you need to watch that will leave a lasting impression.

The Fall (2006)

Directed by Tarsem Singh, The Fall is a visually stunning masterpiece that combines fantasy and reality in a captivating narrative. Set in 1920s Los Angeles, the story follows Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), a young girl recovering in a hospital, and Roy Walker (Lee Pace), a stuntman with a broken spirit. Shot in over 20 countries, the film includes breathtaking scenes without relying on CGI, making it a visually enchanting experience.

Moon (2009)

Directed by Duncan Jones, Moon is a thought-provoking science fiction film exploring identity, isolation, and humanity. Sam Rockwell stars as Sam Bell, an astronaut nearing the end of his three-year stint on a lunar base. His only companion is GERTY, an AI robot voiced by Kevin Spacey. As Sam’s mission concludes, he questions his reality. 

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

This Argentine thriller follows retired legal counselor Benjamín Espósito (Ricardo Darín) as he revisits an unsolved murder case and reconnects with Irene (Soledad Villamil), his former superior. The film’s rich narrative and outstanding performances earned it the 2010 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.


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